Shipping information updates & Shop listings updates June 10, 2020 09:40

For the lastest shipping information from Japan Post, please view this page here: (last updated: June 5, 2020). 

Countries such as the US, Australia, and Spain are still on the suspension list. There isn't much change outside of a couple countries now allowing surface mail. Please note that I do not offer surface mail as a shipping option. This normally takes up to 2 months to reach the destination country and with logistic delays at the moment, I expect it to take even longer.


Due to my small sized apartment, I am unable to store too much merchandise on hand. Because of this, I have decided to remove most of the listings on the website but will leave items from newer releases. In addition, I will not be listing every collection/release until shipping suspensions are lifted. This will be done on a case by case basis, I will try at least to still continue to do pickups for plushes.

Hopefully in the next month or two, things can go back to normal. Once I get a lot of things organized, I'll also be adding quite a bit to the "on hand" on "on sale" sections to help get rid of some stock.