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    Vacation Notice: February 21 to March 1, 2018

    Monday February 19, 2018

    Please read below for important information regarding orders/shipping. 


    • All ready to ship orders will ship before I leave. This does not include orders with items that may have to be ordered online due to lack of stock in stores.
    • All orders made after will ship out 2-7 business days after I return.

    For any sold out items in store that need to be ordered online, I will be emailing to ask if you're okay with waiting or if you would like a refund.

    Regarding February Pre-orders 

    Unfortunately, I have not received any shipping emails for both the Lillie Kotobukiya figure and the evolutionary stones set. They will arrive after I leave. Orders for these will ship out as soon as I get back. I'm really sorry for the delay, I was hoping they would ship out sooner >.<

    Item Pickups:

    • Pickups for orders purchased during this period will be purchased when I return. 
    • All pre-orders for new releases while I'm away will be ordered online on release day and shipped out as soon as my order arrives.

      If there are any questions or issues with orders, please email me or contact me through Twitter.

      Pokemon Center New Releases: Pikachu & Vulpix Promo, Pokeball Promo, Sun/Moon Plushes Part 2, Spring Time in New Years Promo

      Thursday December 22, 2016

      The Pokemon website announced a bunch of new goodies coming up in 2017! This is definitely a great way to start the year :)

      Releasing on January 1 is this spring collection! What better way to help you get through winter than with a collection featuring cherry blossoms to help warm up your day? You can pre-order here.

      Line Up Includes

      • Pichu, Pikachu, Oddish, & Sentret Mascot Plushes (no picture available)
      • Pikachu Cushion (no picture available)
      • Green, Purple, Pink Acrylic Keychain (no picture available)
      • Swing & Flower Towel Pouch (no picture available)
      • Swing, Flower, & Tree Stump Hand Towel (no picture available)
      • Pink, Purple, & Green Masking Tape (no picture available)
      • Pink & Green Stickers
      • Pink & Green Ring Notebook
      • Memo Pad with Box
      • Hand & Lip Cream
      • Pink & Purple Lunch Box (no picture available)
      • Blanket (no picture available)
      • Melamine Mugs & Plates
      • Sticky Note Sets

      Next is a Pokeball collection! This collection releases on January 7 and is packed with many pokeball goodies. Pre-order here

      Line Up Includes

      • Pokeball & Masterball Cushions
      • Pokeball Pass Case
      • Masterball Mascot Plush
      • Masterball T-Shirt S/M/L (no image available)
      • Q&Q SmileSolar Pokeball Wristwatch
      • Big Pokeball Mug (no image available)
      • Pokeball Bowl
      • iPhone 6/6s/7 Case
      • Pokeball Memo Pad with Case
      • Pokeball Sticker Set
      • Pokeball Carabiner with Pouch
      • Pokeball Locket & Ring
      • Pokeball Carabiner
      • Masterball Boxer Shorts S/M/L (no image available)
      • Pokeball Tri-Fold Leather Wallet (no image available)
      • Pokeball New Era Shoulder Bag
      • Pokeball Tie & Tie Pin
      • Pokeball Leather Pen Case & ID Case (no image available)
      • Pokeball Knapsack (no image available)
      • Pokeball Plates (no image available)
      • Pokeball Pin Collection *Random*

      More Sun/Moon Pokemon plushes are releasing on January 14! The second set includes Alola Sandshrew, Alola Ninetails, and Fomantis. Pre-orders are available here

      Last are some more Vulpix goodies! Vulpix and Alola Vulpix fans are sure to love this adorable new collection. The release date is February 7 and you can preorder here

      Line Up Includes

      • Pikachu Alola Vulpix & Vulpix Poncho Plush & Mascot Plush
      • Metal Charm & Pins Set
      • A4 Clear File Set (no image available)
      • Vulpix Poncho Gold Lacquer Sticker (no image available)
      • Vulpix Poncho Sticker Set (no image available)
      • Vulpix & Alola Vulpix Poncho
      • Vulpix Poncho Special TCG Box Set (no image available)

      Pokemon Center College Logo Series

      Friday November 25, 2016

      Whether you're in college, finished with college, or haven't started yet...you can definitely appreciate the cuteness of this collection! The College Logo Series collection features a variety of goods with the Pokemon college logo and releases December 10. Pre-orders are available here!

      Line up includes

      • Pikachu in Varsity Jacket Plush (Red & Blue versions)
      • Mechanical Pencils & Ballpoint Pens (Yellow & White/Red)
      • Card Case
      • Pen Pouch

      • Pouch
      • Flat Case (Yellow & Beige versions)
      • Stickers
      • Sticky Notes
      • Memo Pad
      • Patch Set
      • Notebook

      • Tote Bag
      • Muffler Towel
      • Mug
      • Hoodie
      • Varsity Jacket (Red & Blue versions)