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    Shipping information updates & Shop listings updates

    Wednesday June 10, 2020

    For the lastest shipping information from Japan Post, please view this page here: https://www.post.japanpost.jp/int/information/2020/0604_01_en.html (last updated: June 5, 2020). 

    Countries such as the US, Australia, and Spain are still on the suspension list. There isn't much change outside of a couple countries now allowing surface mail. Please note that I do not offer surface mail as a shipping option. This normally takes up to 2 months to reach the destination country and with logistic delays at the moment, I expect it to take even longer.


    Due to my small sized apartment, I am unable to store too much merchandise on hand. Because of this, I have decided to remove most of the listings on the website but will leave items from newer releases. In addition, I will not be listing every collection/release until shipping suspensions are lifted. This will be done on a case by case basis, I will try at least to still continue to do pickups for plushes.

    Hopefully in the next month or two, things can go back to normal. Once I get a lot of things organized, I'll also be adding quite a bit to the "on hand" on "on sale" sections to help get rid of some stock.

    Updates for Pick-Ups and Shipping

    Thursday June 4, 2020

    As of June 1, the Pokemon Centers in Japan have re-opened so pickups will resume. Please be aware that strict buying limits are still in place on release days so if you purchased a pre-order item, it may take some additional time to procure.

    For countries which shipping is still suspended to, please view the following list from Japan Post: https://www.post.japanpost.jp/int/information/2020/0528_01_01_en.pdf (last updated May 29).

    Countries such as the USA and Australia are still on the list so orders to those countries will not be shipped until the suspension is lifted.

    You may still order items during this time and I will ship them out as soon as I can. As a favor, please only purchase if you know you are sure you will not cancel in the future. ;-;

    Please read regarding COVID-19

    Wednesday May 27, 2020

    I know quite a few people have been emailing me about not receiving packages and I realized I never made a blog post about.

    Starting April 8, the Japanese government issued a declaration of emergency for Japan which has just recently been lifted. This means that all Pokemon Centers were closed for about 2 months, making it not possible to do pickups. They are expected to reopen soon so with any luck, pickups can maybe resume normally starting next week / early June.

    However, this does not mean that everything package can be shipped out. Some countries are still not accepting flights/mail from Japan. All mail to the US is still suspended until further notice. This is mostly due to a lack of flights and has caused a huge backlog of packages at Japan Post so any mail is temporarily suspended until there are more flights available. Any updates to this will be posted on Twitter.

    If your package is able to be shipped out starting in June, please note that it will most likely take longer than usual to arrive.

    As always, if you would like to cancel and receive a refund, simply email me and I will take care of it for you :)