Super Groupies x xxxHolic Collection December 7, 2015 04:33


This new collaboration from Super Groupies features 3 amazing must haves for any xxxHolic fan! Please note that these items must be ordered by December 20. Pre-orders will only be taken up until December 19, so get yours today!

First up is a set of high heels designed after Yuuko's shoes. The heels sit at about 7 cm (approx. 2 in) and is lined with black lace. Butterly motifs adorn the shoes, giving it the signature Yuuko look. 

Next is a pair of socks also featuring Yuuko. These socks are one size fit all. The socks come in black with a red lace. Yuuko's signature pipe smoke and butterflies adorn the collar of the socks.

Last is a beautiful necklace set featuring Kimihiro Watanuki and Shizuka Doumeki. These necklaces are designed to be worn both together or separately. Watanuki's necklace features his eye glasses. The left side comes with a yellow crystal symbolizing the eye that was donated by Doumeki. A butterfly sits above the crystal. The right side symbolizes his birthday and name, April 1st and comes with a blue crystal. Doumeki's necklace features an arrow and a butterfly on top.

super groupies xxxholic collection

Retail price and Release dates:

Yuuko Shoes: 15,800 yen (mid-April 2016)
Yuuko Socks: 6,800 yen (early-April 2016)
Watanuki & Doumeki Necklace Set: 8,800 yen (end of February 2016)