New Pikachu & Friends Kuji – Doze Off Time July 16, 2016 23:26

The new Pikachu & Friends Kuji releasing on August 13th! I will be selling items kuji style (meaning you pay for the play price and get whatever prize my luck deems ^^) See below for more information.

A Prize - Dozing Off Pikachu Plush
B Prize - Winking Mew Plush

C Prize - Pikachu Tail Tote Bag
D Prize - Gengar Night Cap
E Prize - Drawstring Bags (3 options: Mew/Eevee/Pikachu, Pikachu/Flaffy, Gengar)

F Prize - Milk Bottles (3 options: Mew, Pikachu, Miltank)
G Prize - Mascot Plushes (3 options: Pikachu, Mew, Eevee)
H Prize - Hand Towels (4 options: Mew/Eevee, Pikachu/Ditto, Flaffy/Pikachu, Gengar)

I Prize - Rubber Straps (Blind Packed)
Last One Prize - Gengar Plush
Double Chance Prize - Pikachu Plush (sleeping ver.)

Purchase Kuji Plays: For kuji’s that I won’t be playing myself, I will be offering a kuji play service. I will play this kuji for you and send you the prizes! Price list is as follows:

  • 1 Play: $13
  • 2 Plays: $12 each
  • 3-4 Plays: $11 each
  • 5-9 Plays: $10 each
  • 10+ Plays: $9 each

And if you're lucky enough to get the Last One Prize in whatever store that I'm playing at, then it's yours :)

Shipping & Handling will be a separate fee and will vary depending on the weight of the item(s) and the destination. Please note that items are shipped from Japan. Payment for the kuji plays must be received in advance. Shipping rates will be calculated afterwards.

Disclaimer: I cannot guarantee which prize(s) you will get as kuji pulls are completely random (this is a lottery system). You may receive all lower level prices, all higher level prizes, or a mix of well as duplicates. This is the risk all players take :) For items where there are multiple choices, I will be emailing you a list of the different prizes and you can rank the options.

Please note: In the rare instance where the items are sold out, refunds will be issued. I will be going on release day but it depends on how many sets the store carries and how popular the kuji is.

If you have any questions, please let me know :) Contact me if interested!


Evangelion ~1995-2015~ Kuji March 25, 2016 03:12

Also did a few kuji pulls from the Evangelion ~1995-2015~ Kuji released in February. :3 Links below will take you directly to in stock items. 

Prize list:

A - Rei Ayanami Figure
B - Asuka Langley Figure
C - Umbrella
D - Noren
E - Socks
F - Clear Files
G - Silhouette Clips
H - Award Desktop Figures
Last Prize: Asuka Langley Figure Last Win Color Version