Revamping August 21, 2022 00:33

Update (8/27): Revamp is done. New items will be added shortly~

The online store is currently going through a major revamp. I apologize for the mess that the online store has been in over the past couple of years but I appreciate the patience that everyone has shown me over the past couple of years.

I will be spending the next several days cleaning up the online store and listing all of the extra items I have currently. I won't be adding new items for the time being, but hopefully will be back to listing regularly before the year is over. The items being listed are all previous releases and any help to help clear out my apartment a bit for storage would be much appreciated <3

Some pickup items will be left up but most will be removed as they are no longer available in store, so most of the items on the store for now will be on hand items.