Pokemon Center New Releases: Pikachu & Vulpix Promo, Pokeball Promo, Sun/Moon Plushes Part 2, Spring Time in New Years Promo December 23, 2016 01:13

The Pokemon website announced a bunch of new goodies coming up in 2017! This is definitely a great way to start the year :)

Releasing on January 1 is this spring collection! What better way to help you get through winter than with a collection featuring cherry blossoms to help warm up your day? You can pre-order here.

Line Up Includes

  • Pichu, Pikachu, Oddish, & Sentret Mascot Plushes (no picture available)
  • Pikachu Cushion (no picture available)
  • Green, Purple, Pink Acrylic Keychain (no picture available)
  • Swing & Flower Towel Pouch (no picture available)
  • Swing, Flower, & Tree Stump Hand Towel (no picture available)
  • Pink, Purple, & Green Masking Tape (no picture available)
  • Pink & Green Stickers
  • Pink & Green Ring Notebook
  • Memo Pad with Box
  • Hand & Lip Cream
  • Pink & Purple Lunch Box (no picture available)
  • Blanket (no picture available)
  • Melamine Mugs & Plates
  • Sticky Note Sets

Next is a Pokeball collection! This collection releases on January 7 and is packed with many pokeball goodies. Pre-order here

Line Up Includes

  • Pokeball & Masterball Cushions
  • Pokeball Pass Case
  • Masterball Mascot Plush
  • Masterball T-Shirt S/M/L (no image available)
  • Q&Q SmileSolar Pokeball Wristwatch
  • Big Pokeball Mug (no image available)
  • Pokeball Bowl
  • iPhone 6/6s/7 Case
  • Pokeball Memo Pad with Case
  • Pokeball Sticker Set
  • Pokeball Carabiner with Pouch
  • Pokeball Locket & Ring
  • Pokeball Carabiner
  • Masterball Boxer Shorts S/M/L (no image available)
  • Pokeball Tri-Fold Leather Wallet (no image available)
  • Pokeball New Era Shoulder Bag
  • Pokeball Tie & Tie Pin
  • Pokeball Leather Pen Case & ID Case (no image available)
  • Pokeball Knapsack (no image available)
  • Pokeball Plates (no image available)
  • Pokeball Pin Collection *Random*

More Sun/Moon Pokemon plushes are releasing on January 14! The second set includes Alola Sandshrew, Alola Ninetails, and Fomantis. Pre-orders are available here

Last are some more Vulpix goodies! Vulpix and Alola Vulpix fans are sure to love this adorable new collection. The release date is February 7 and you can preorder here

Line Up Includes

  • Pikachu Alola Vulpix & Vulpix Poncho Plush & Mascot Plush
  • Metal Charm & Pins Set
  • A4 Clear File Set (no image available)
  • Vulpix Poncho Gold Lacquer Sticker (no image available)
  • Vulpix Poncho Sticker Set (no image available)
  • Vulpix & Alola Vulpix Poncho
  • Vulpix Poncho Special TCG Box Set (no image available)