Nintendo 2DS Pokemon Bundles and new 3DS Cover Plate December 31, 2015 02:30

Today's new addition features a few more preorders but with a DS theme. First up are the new Nintendo 2DS Pokemon bundles releasing February 27, 2016! Preorder here.

There are four colors to choose from: Red, Yellow, Green, and Blue. Each console comes preloaded with its corresponding Pokemon game. For example: the red bundle comes with Pokemon red. In addition, each bundle also includes:

  • 1 Nintendo 2DS Console
  • 1 Nintendo 2DS Pokemon Game
  • 1 Touch Pen
  • 1 Mew Download Code
  • 1 Town Map
  • 1 Original Theme Code
  • 1 Micro SDHC Memory Card 4GB
  • 6 AR Cards
  • 1 AC Adapter
  • 1 Artbook & CD (Pokemon Blue only)
  • Stickers

Second is a new 3DS cover plate. This cover plate features retro looking pixels of Pokemon. It's also set to release February 27, 2016. Preorder here.