Updates & New Pokemon Time Preorders December 30, 2015 03:09

First things first, I know the shop and social media have been a bit quiet lately. The last couple of weeks have been a bit hectic with the holiday season and work :( Now that I have a bit more time to invest in the shop, I'd like to start with some plans for 2016.

  • Of course most important..more merchandise! Starting January, there will be more updates and new products will be added more frequently. I will also focus on other merchandise than just Pokemon (ie: crane games, ichiban kuji, super groupies, whatever other things I can find, and requests).
  • Site revamp because who doesn't like a better looking site.
  • More promotions and giveaways. I appreciate everyone's support so far and would love to be able to host more and better giveaways in 2016!

Next, the new Pokemon Time collection will be out January 9, 2016! This cute collection features mostly Piplup and Lucario and friends. You can preorder most of this collection here.

Line up includes:

Plushes: Budew, Buizel, & Togekiss
Masking Tape
Pouches: Piplup & Lucario
Tote Bags: Piplup & Lucario
Melamin Cups: Piplup and friends
Melamin Plate: Piplup and friends
iPhone 6/6s Case: Lucario and friends
Rubber Straps

Among other items not featured in the images such as stickers and socks.