Pokemon Chiku Chiku Sewing Collection November 8, 2015 00:13

Today was the release of the new Pokemon Chiku Chiku Sewing collection. In collaboration with illustrator Michiko Tachimoto (President of the children’s multimedia company colobockle), this collection features products that have a handmade/sewing look and feel.

Pikachu Plush
Vulpix Plush 

Tote Bag 
Card Case 

Pikachu Mascot Plush
Hoppip Mascot Plush
Skiploom Mascot Plush
Jumpluff Mascot Plush

iPhone 6 Case

Masking Tape
Square Cushion
Melamin Cup

Melamin Plate
Melamin Tray
Lunch Cloth
Chocolate Pie Cookies

Some of these items are available for purchase on Japan Stuffs already, so be sure to check them out!