Pokemon TCG Sleeves / XY & Z - ORAS Plushes / POKEMON with YOU Charms / July Monthly Pikachu May 21, 2016 01:51 2 Comments

After quite a bit of time of no news, the Pokemon Center today released quite a large update coming up later this month and the beginning of June!

First up are new TCG sleeves, these are usually very popular and sell out quickly so be sure to preorder today! I will be doing pickups for these on release date. Preorder here.

Next up are 5 new plushes, including the first ever Magearna plush! Preorder here.

Also, there will be 8 new POKEMON with YOU charms released. This collection benefits the Great Tohoku Earthquake in 2011. Preorder here.

July's monthly Pikachu is an adorable Pikachu pair ready to hit up the beach! Come celebrate Marine Day with Pikachu :) Preorder here