Poke Peace - Piplup Light


This light comes with 2 different modes!

Light Mode: When you squish it, the light will turn on. When it's set on light mode, there are three levels of brightness, and it'll stay on for 30 minutes. When turned on, a soft light will be on, if you squish it, it'll become brighter. One more squish will make it light up and dim slowly.

Puni Puni Mode: When switched to this mode, there are four levels of brightness. When being squished, it'll light up, and when you let go, the light will be off. If you don't squish it for a while, it'll be "asking" to be squished by flashing. The light pattern changes when being squished slowly or fast, so try it out by squishing at different speeds.

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Release Date: October 2023

Please note: Due to space limitations, this is a pick-up item. Item will be picked up from the Pokemon Center or ordered online after payment is received. Please allow a little bit of extra time for these to ship out. If there is none available in stock, refunds will be issued.