Vulpix's Crystal Season - Pokemon TCG Sun & Moon Special Box Set


An adorable promotion that blends fire and ice in a small foxie form!

Perfect for the Pokemon TCG collector in your life!

TCG Box Set comes with the following:

1 holo Vulpix promo card
1 holo Aloan Vulpix promo card
"Ultra-Dimensional Beasts" booster pack x 3
"Awakened Heroes" booster pack x 3
1 deck case
64 card sleeves
1 Pokemon coin (Vulpix one side / Alolan Vulpix one side)
1 card box

Note: Each booster pack contain 5 random cards.

View the complete collection here.

Release Date: October 21st, 2017 (Saturday)

Please note: Due to space limitations, this is a pick-up item. Item will be picked up from the Pokemon Center or ordered online after payment is received. Please allow a little bit of extra time for these to ship out. If there is none available in stock, refunds will be issued.