Vacation Notice: November 7-14, 2017 November 03, 2017 05:31

Hi guys! I will not be in Japan from November 7-14. Please read below for important information regarding orders/shipping. 


  • All ready to ship orders purchased before Sunday November 4 (JST) will ship before I leave. This does not include orders with items that may have to be ordered online due to lack of stock in stores.
  • All orders made after Sunday November 4 (JST) will ship out 2-5 business days after I return on November 14. I will try my best to ship what I can on November 6 & 7 but unfortunately, I have work on Monday and my flight is super early on the 7th :(

Regarding the Life Size Eeveelution Plushes

When I planned the trip 2 months ago, I thought the plushes would arrive late October, since that was the release date given by the Pokemon Center. Unfortunately, it took some time for my order to ship out and they will not arrive until Sunday November 5. I will try my absolute best to get as many shipped out as possible before I leave. Please understand that these plushes are big and take longer to prepare/ship, so I may not be able to do as many as I would like in one day.

Also, the second part of my order has not been shipped out by the Pokemon Center yet, meaning they will arrive after I leave :( So, if you do not receive a shipping email by the end of Sunday afternoon, they will ship out as soon as I get back. I am terribly sorry about this and will allocate more time in the future in case of delays. If you have any questions or concerns, please email me! To those who have ordered the plushes, I really appreciate your patience and understanding. ;_;

Item Pickups:

  • Pickups for orders purchased during this period will be purchased either online or when I return. 
  • All pre-orders for the New Year's collection releasing on November 11 will be ordered online on release day and shipped out as soon as my order arrives.

If there are any questions or issues with orders, please email me or contact me through Twitter.